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Karouzos History



Karouzos Steakhouse was established in 1967 by Louis and Mary Karouzos. Later to be leased out until 1997 when Louis and Mary's nephew John and his wife Karen came to run the business. John's brother Mark along with his wife Wendy and their children joined John and Karen five years later and worked together until 2011 when John and Karen moved back to BC to be closer to family. Today, Mark and Wendy Kellis and their three children, Elena, Nikolaos and Theo (who is not quite old enough to work but offers plenty of advice) work together to provide a family environment that they are proud of. 


Mark grew up in the kitchen of his Dad and Mom's restaurant and was trained to cook from the age of 12 by his Dad, who immigrated from Greece in the early 1960s and started out peeling potatoes in Edmonton for 10 cents an hour. Mark's son Niko started in the kitchen in the dish pit at 11 years old and has moved up from there to prep cook, bussing tables, lunch line helper and at 16 has started to learn the dinner menu. 

Elena started out bussing and occasionally got thrown in the kitchen to do dishes as well. Elena at 18 has moved away to Victoria, BC to earn a Theatre Degree but joins her family in the spring to work for the summer season. You can see her serving in the front, and if you are lucky enough to catch her getting the restaurant ready to open in the morning, you will hear loud Jazz music and see her dancing around the tables as she cleans.


Theo is 10 and prefers his seat at the bar. Ordering food, Shirley Temples and making sure the staff pick up their meals on time so the food doesn't get cold. Customers that join him perhaps to have a pint will have their ears talked off about his adventures around Jasper, stories about each and every staff member and advice on what to order off the menu. He definitely won't follow in his brother's footsteps in the kitchen but will be in front end managing everyone and everything. 

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